23 July 2009

Eating habits die hard

I have terrible eating habits. Simply atrocious. It's always been this way for me, though. I was a picky eater as a child. Then it was discovered that I have problems with hypoglycemia, which means that I'll likely become a diabetic. I've never been one to follow the 'three meals a day' plan; rather, I prefer to pick and nibble throughout the day, which has actually become a recommended way to eat (I think the standard is six small meals). But what I choose to eat is usually just awful. Today, for example, I had the following:

One blueberry toaster waffle
A banana
Two paper coffee filters worth of cheesy poofs
Three or four small cups of crapple (cranberry apple) juice
Pretzel snaps dipped in extra chunky peanut butter
44 oz. frozen cappuccino from the gas station

Later on, I'll probably end up having a bowl of salad and an apple. It doesn't sound completely terrible, but it just doesn't seem that healthy to me. This is actually the best I've eaten in a while, so bad example.

Many days, I end up eating nothing for breakfast, having a late lunch consisting of a Banquet frozen dinner and then maybe a pop tart for dinner. Emphasis on 'maybe,' there. This is probably the worst thing I can do for my body. I know I have to change it up, but I get stuck in food ruts and find it hard to get out of them. Like with the Banquet meals; they're ten-for-ten most of the time, so it's easy to buy a bunch of them to have for lunches, and it's easier than dealing with leftovers (when and if I ever have them).

I'm not much of a cook at this point, although if I just put some effort into it, I could be. I even have easy-to-follow cookbooks, one of which is totally suited towards someone like me. It's a five-ingredient cookbook, meaning all the recipes only have five or less ingredients to them. And all the ingredients are easy to find in your average supermarket. I just don't know what my problem is.


Toff said...

I have a five ingredient cookbook too, some good-looking but inexpensive one I picked up - but a number of the ingredients are uncommon. I think it was printed in the UK and that's why it's cheap, because the odd ingredients put people off from buying it.

I'm a relatively good cook, have worked as one, taken cooking classes, cooked from my grandmother, do potlucks, but I'm lazy when it comes to myself.

Anna said...

Hey, dude! My mom got mine for me from a traveling book salesman that would come to the bank where she worked. The only recipe I've had from it was for Frito meatballs. Two pounds of ground beef, a cup of smashed Fritos, an egg, salt and pepper, and a can of cream of mushroom soup. Effin' good meatballs.

Toff said...

Frito meatballs sounds pretty good and easy! Campbells cream of mushroom soup is some pretty versatile stuff.

Traveling book salesman! There are such people? Today? Maybe that's who my dad was.

Anna said...

They are tasty! Here's the recipe, if you're interested (not like it's difficult to figure out):

2 lbs. lean ground beef
1 cup Fritos, crushed
1 egg, slightly beaten
1 can cream of mushroom soup + 1/2 can of water

Mix meat, Fritos and egg together. Form into meat balls and brown in skillet. Mix soup and water and pour over meatballs, simmer for 30 minutes over low heat.

Yes! A traveling book salesman! Typically he has children's books, one or two cookbooks and then some Christian reading material. Brings them all in a huge plastic tub and leaves an order form to pick up the following week. Next time he comes in, he has your books! It's totally cool!

Toff said...

I'll give it a shot sometime, thanks! Won't work for a vegan/vegetarian potluck, though...