28 January 2010



I am confuse. How does someone without gainful employment (not working, not getting unemployment, not getting SSI or food stamps - NADA) and currently living at the local Econo Lodge (no shit) get a refund anticipation loan check of over $3600? This is something that has always bothered me about working for this place, among countless other things: how does this happen? WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS?

I want to call some of these places and ask them just how a customer can get that much money. Because I am pissed. Because I am JEALOUS.

12 January 2010

This doesn't feel real

This morning brought the news that one of my fellow horror gals passed away yesterday afternoon, after struggling with a failing liver. It's starting to sink in now, but it still doesn't feel quite real. Maybe it's because I never got to meet her face-to-face. We talked over email and Skype and IMDb's horror boards, where we met. That doesn't make her any less of a friend.

I'm angry. Angry that there wasn't enough time to meet 'in real life.' Angry that it didn't seem like she was given a fair shake. Angry that there's nothing to do about it now. It isn't fucking fair. It isn't fair to anyone who knew her, whether it was just online or in the flesh.

More than that, I'm sad. I'm sorry for her family and friends. This is a crushing blow to IMDb's horror community, to the horror chicks on FB, and to everyone who knew her, even if we couldn't meet her.

Rest in peace, in true peace, Sunny Jennifer. Love always.

07 January 2010

Rock Band Obsession

It's getting serious. I gotta talk about it all the time. I'm still playing at the 'Easy' level, but I'm so addicted to playing the drums, I do it every night. I got a band started on there called Bitchsnatch, but it's just me and an ever-revolving lineup of singers and guitarists. So far, Bitchsnatch has conquered Chicago (our hometown) and New York, and now we're working on Boston.

I need more local friends who can play guitar to join my band, or to start a new band. As much as I love pounding away on those drums, it's more fun to show off those MAD DRUMMING SKILLZ with other people around.

Anyhow, a typical set list goes as such: a little Elvis Costello, either Paramore or Panic At The Disco, something challenging like that Chop Suey song, and always close it with "Livin' On A Prayer." ALWAYS. It's good times.

06 January 2010


Man. I've lost some weight lately. I won't list sizes because people will say "are you complaining? I'd love to lose weight like that/be that size again," when I'm not even complaining, I'm just saying. ANYWAY. I dropped two (or three, I don't know how it goes) sizes in around a year, maybe less. I don't bother weighing myself so I don't know when it started to happen. The point is, part of me kind of worries about it, because while I don't think I changed my diet much, there must be something different going on. I think it's because I'm cutting back on boredom eating. If I'm sitting down and watching TV or a movie, I feel like I should have something to eat. I could have had a huge meal beforehand, but it's that theater reflex kicking in, saying, "you want some popcorn," or "wouldn't ice cream sound great?"

TANGENT: I've also recently developed something of a lactose intolerance, which fucking sucks, because I love ice cream and milk. I suppose it's time to get those lactaid pills or whatever. In fact, discovering this makes me crave ice cream even more, which is totally fucking annoying. END TANGENT.

So I cut out the boredom eating. But still I wonder, is that all there is? Someone made a joke about a tapeworm and I think back to the time I ate that raw beef** and wonder some more. But still. I'm not complaining, especially because I'm back into pants that I was wearing in college. I feel healthy, and I like that I shed the pounds I never wanted to begin with, but still...how did it happen?

* title has no relevance to post, it's just a phrase that's been stuck in my head all damn day.

** That didn't happen. But still...tapeworm?

05 January 2010

One Lovely Blog!

Man, here's a kick in the pants: I found out today that I've been awarded the 'One Lovely Blog' award by Brian Soloman, who runs the totally kick-ass Vault of Horror. The award is sort of like a pay-it-forward award, in that you can in turn pass it along to a fellow blogger or bloggers. NEAT! So, I got that going for me. Thanks B-Sol, you are a Righteous Dude! Now, if I can only figure out how to post the award along the side...

I'm going to pass along the award to a new project I've been involved with, Dreams in the Bitch House. It's all about horror, all written by women who love horror. We've done some podcasts, too, so check those out as well!

In other news, I haven't updated this thing since September, so here's a rundown of Crap That's Happened:

I am still gainfully employed. Same shitty job. It's getting even more tedious, though. I think the whole payday loan business is just eating at my brains like a hungry zombie. Morally, I can't swing it much more, and basically I'm just filling a spot here until my lease runs up. Then it's the sweet taste of freedom!

All major holidays, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's were pleasant and filled with friends, family and loved ones. No major injuries; well done, everyone.

I GOT ROCK BAND FUCK YEAH. Now I can play the drums to my heart's content, neighbors be damned. I think I got the easy level pretty much under my thumb, now it's a matter of tackling medium. That shit is tricky, so much love to real drummers who can hit the footpedal, toms, and cymbals at the same time. Also, when I was learning some of the songs, I'm pretty sure I heard Bun E. Carlos and Neal Peart spinning in their graves.* Oof.

In a related note, I have an XBox 360 now. What does one do with that besides play ROCK BAND? I don't know. I don't have a dick to put in it, so I guess me and the XBox are at an impasse until further notice.

Welp, I guess that's it for now. I am on Twitter and Facebook, so you can find me there. Be sure to let me know how you found me, otherwise I'll probably reject your fool ass from being a friend.

* JOKE. They aren't dead as of this writing.