12 January 2010

This doesn't feel real

This morning brought the news that one of my fellow horror gals passed away yesterday afternoon, after struggling with a failing liver. It's starting to sink in now, but it still doesn't feel quite real. Maybe it's because I never got to meet her face-to-face. We talked over email and Skype and IMDb's horror boards, where we met. That doesn't make her any less of a friend.

I'm angry. Angry that there wasn't enough time to meet 'in real life.' Angry that it didn't seem like she was given a fair shake. Angry that there's nothing to do about it now. It isn't fucking fair. It isn't fair to anyone who knew her, whether it was just online or in the flesh.

More than that, I'm sad. I'm sorry for her family and friends. This is a crushing blow to IMDb's horror community, to the horror chicks on FB, and to everyone who knew her, even if we couldn't meet her.

Rest in peace, in true peace, Sunny Jennifer. Love always.

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