07 January 2010

Rock Band Obsession

It's getting serious. I gotta talk about it all the time. I'm still playing at the 'Easy' level, but I'm so addicted to playing the drums, I do it every night. I got a band started on there called Bitchsnatch, but it's just me and an ever-revolving lineup of singers and guitarists. So far, Bitchsnatch has conquered Chicago (our hometown) and New York, and now we're working on Boston.

I need more local friends who can play guitar to join my band, or to start a new band. As much as I love pounding away on those drums, it's more fun to show off those MAD DRUMMING SKILLZ with other people around.

Anyhow, a typical set list goes as such: a little Elvis Costello, either Paramore or Panic At The Disco, something challenging like that Chop Suey song, and always close it with "Livin' On A Prayer." ALWAYS. It's good times.

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