24 July 2009


Lord save me, I started an account with Twitter. Username: pplsfrontjudea. I don't even know what I'll be doing with it, but there you are.

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Toff said...

Hashtags on Twitter facilitate the finding and reading of your tweets by people that aren't following you. Thus Follow Friday is also #followfriday or just #ff (because that's the least characters.

Alliteration appears (to be alliterative) to be something that helps popularize a tweme, I think there may be one for each day of the week. Like Tweetup Tuesday (or retweet tuesday).

Like #fartfriday might go over, everybody posts the best onomatopoetic representation of a fart they can, or a link to a good fart mp3. Or #slacksat and #subgsun!

It still strikes me as a silly place, and I don't see any great advantage for it yet, not being a cellphone user myself.