21 July 2009

Worst Information Fishing Call Ever

Well, it seems I'm going to be a blogging/posting/updating fool today. But I couldn't resist this one: occasionally, we are asked by upper management to get information from other similar businesses. Typically, this is an attempt to undercut them in rates or fees or services offered. However, when we're asked to do this, we have to ask under the pretense that we are potential customers inquiring about services, because most companies aren't going to share that information with competitors.

I just got a call from a local competitor who not only didn't bother to block their phone number (by the way, anyone can block their number by dialing *67; I don't know if this works on a cell phone or not), but they also stated where they were calling from. They wanted to know if we cashed live checks, and how many checks a month we cash. Apparently, they only cash about twenty checks a month, so they were wondering if it's because they're doing something wrong, or if it's because of the area we're in.

Gee. I'd say if you're calling a competitor for this information, then it's probably you who is doing something wrong. Just a guess.

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