21 July 2009

From 'Something Poetic and Random': elusive sleep and sweater cats

(Note: I really like this one for some reason.)

it takes me so long to get to sleep. there is no tossing and turning or fidgeting. it is laying still and wishing for total darkness and silence. it dances over my head like the skull on the ceiling fan. there will be little rest for me until next year. i wonder if i can hold out that long. time moves very slowly when i want something to happen.

it is 11:47 at night and i need to be in bed. but i am not in bed. i cannot be in bed. i cannot even turn on the tv. i cannot rest. i am tired and wide awake. i think maybe i have insomnia. sometimes i will not sleep until three in the morning. i have to pee because someone is using the shower.

the sweater cats are making their annual appearance again. they will be in your town soon. they have invaded the apartment. argyle is the new black. the cats are angry about it and they hiss and growl and whine. they don't want it to be that time of year.

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