08 February 2010

Avatar, Precious, Glory Holes, Lucifer: totally random thoughts, yo!

1. There are two movies out now that have generated a lot of buzz from critics and audiences alike: Avatar and Precious. I have no interest in either film. Avatar appears to be all gimmick, all visual and no story. I don't feel like investing that much time in a movie that isn't going to bother telling me a good story. I am not so easily dazzled by your supposedly stunning visuals. Also, I'm irritated by all the awards it is receiving. Really, guys? Best Picture nomination to a movie that is basically Pocahontas with giant Smurfs?

Precious looks to me to be just another story about a beat-down fat girl, all wrapped up in a stereotypical view of life in the inner city. It seems to be the kind of movie white people go see to feel better about themselves, terribly manipulative and overly miserable. I'm glad that there's a movie out there with a protagonist that we've never seen before, but Precious looks to be too over the top for my taste. Isn't this the kind of thing I could see on Lifetime, if Lifetime bothered to make movies that had black people in them?

2. Duncan Donuts has a contest to create a new donut. I propose the Glory Hole Donut, white frosting with red and blue sprinkles, and a picture of Sarah Palin on each one. Haha, political humor is funny. :|

3. I've been thinking a lot about Lucifer lately. His name means light-bearer, and he was known as the Morning Star. He apparently loved God so much that he refused to bow down before God's creation, Man. For this he was cast into the pit. How arrogant is Man to look at Lucifer as evil, when he loved God above all else? Should Man not do the same as Lucifer? Weird, weird thoughts...


Anonymous said...

I'd say both are better than they appear. Both veer close to your critiques, but offer more than that in the end. (w/ Avatar we are talking VISUALS. Something completely new. With Precious, I think it cuts just enough away from the "poverty porn" line to make it good." )
I am totally for glory hole donuts.

Anna said...

Shelly! Thanks for commenting.

Yeah, I'm just not so sure about either film. Avatar is the one that's really bothering me, because it isn't one that I can apparently wait on for the DVD. It's a must-see in the theaters, with the IMAX and the 3D.

I wonder if the Glory Hole donut would even be allowed by the Duncan Donut people. I'm going to try!

_coye said...

hahaha, glory hole donut.

i STILL ams surprised they don't have donut/ice cream meals at the dunkin donut/baskin robbins stores. i mean you can have a munchkin sundae (make like a banana split, but replace the banana with your fave minchkin flavors) or a donut filler sundae (a donut with a single scoop of your favorite ice cream filling the hole of the donut).

my co-worker and i went once and bought a small box of munchkins, along with some bowls of ice cream and made our own, and as delicious as it was, it was probably sad and disgusting to see 2 grown men popping munchkins in their mouths after every bite of ice cream while walking thru the crowded downtown streets.